1000 farmers could be forced to wait months more for payments

North East MSP Mike Rumbles has condemned the Scottish Government’s hopeless attempt to get to grips with its CAP payment fiasco, as figures show only 17,418 of the 18,479 applications have been processed.

It has emerged that figures released on 29th July, claiming that only 566 applicants were still to be processed, was a miscalculation by the Scottish Government. A report published today clarified that 1061 applications for CAP payments are still to be processed, despite doubling the number from over a month ago.


Mr Rumbles said: “Now we can see the true extent of the Scottish Government’s bungle. At a rate of around five hundred applications being processed each month, it could be the winter before some farmers receive their payments. Meanwhile, the Scottish Government is haemorrhaging overtime pay and many more farmers and their families have only received partial payments. This is despite promises from the Minister that the whole debacle would be cleared up and all payments made by the end of June.


“While this mistake won’t affect the individual farmers still waiting for their application to be looked at, it’s hugely disheartening that so many communities and families have been let down time and again.


“As each month slips by, it only serves to highlight the Scottish Government’s incompetence and utter failure to get to grips with this issue. We need assurances from the Minister that all applications will be processed and all payments made by the end of September at the very latest.”




Notes for editors:

  • Scottish Government statement on miscalculation of CAP payments, made on 30th August 2016: The figure for businesses paid included in this week’s [CAP Payment] update has fallen compared to the figure we previously reported (Friday, 5 August). This is an adjustment following recalculation of the base figure (number of eligible businesses paid). This adjustment has meant a small number of instalment and balance payments were mistakenly double counted as payments to separate businesses. It has no impact on the businesses concerned who have received their payments and does not change the overall amount of money we have paid as part of CAP 2015. We apologise for any confusion caused.”

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