'Alex Salmond is Yesterday’s Man'

Responding to the announcement from Alex Salmond that he will stand for the Scottish Parliament on the North East Scotland list, lead candidate for the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Rosemary Bruce said:


“Alex Salmond is yesterday’s man. He has spent the last year publicly battling with the party for which he was leader for over two decades.

“The North East doesn’t need MSPs who simply want to carry out public feuds with the successors, talking only about referendums, it needs hard-working and dedicated local MSPs who will put their constituents first.


“As an MSP for the North East of Scotland, I will work hard for the local area and put recovery first.”

Scottish Liberal Democrat campaign chair Alistair Carmichael MP added:


"There are no questions about Scotland's future to which Alex Salmond is the answer.


"This astonishing announcement shows just how divided the SNP are. A few years ago, no one could have imagined that the former First Minister and his protégé would be at one another's throats.


"It shows the arrogance of the nationalists that they want to use the Scottish Parliament as an arena to fight their own feuds instead of being a forum to put recovery first and to make life better for the people of Scotland"


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