'Information not held' on quarantined travellers bringing coronavirus into Scotland

North East Liberal Democrat MSP Mike Rumbles reveals that the Scottish Government has not kept track of the number of people that have brought Coronavirus into Scotland since self-quarantine measures were introduced on 8th June.    

According to official statistics provided to Mr Rumbles by the Scottish health secretary, though a Parliamentary Question, only 6.8% of people required to self-isolate after returning to Scotland from a country on the 'quarantine list' have been contacted by Public Health Scotland. It is not known how many, if any, of the 36,826 people identified as possibly carrying Covid-19 have contracted the virus.
Mr Rumbles said: "I'm appalled that the Scottish Government would introduce strict quarantine rules on travellers and then not even bother to monitor if people are bringing the virus into the country. What a waste of time. 
"How are ministers meant to know if their measures are having any impact at all or which countries pose a danger if they don't hold these numbers. It beggars belief.
"I'm convinced that this Scottish Government has no clue about how to manage the easing of lock down while protecting both people's lives and livelihoods."
Notes for editors:


  • WRITTEN ANSWER 26 August 2020 (Holding Reply Issued 28 July 2020) Index Heading: Health and Social Care (S5W-30329)


Mike Rumbles (North East Scotland) (Scottish Liberal Democrats): To ask the Scottish Government, since quarantine regulations came into force on 8 June 2020, how many people arriving in Scotland have been (a) quarantined, (b) contacted by NHS boards and (c) identified as bringing COVID-19 into the country.



Jeane Freeman: Quarantine regulations began on 8 June 2020, data was first received from the Home Office 29 June for passengers identified as requiring to quarantine from 22 June. The PHS COVID-19 Statistical Report from Wednesday 19 August will include data for the first time on the number of people arriving in Scotland from outside the UK, the current number of which were required to quarantine and those contacted by the National Contact Tracing Centre.


a) Latest figures received from the Home Office from the period 22 June to 15 August 36,826 people who are required to quarantine in Scotland (all countries prior to 30th June; high risk countries from 30th June), adults aged 18 and over only.


b) Individual Health Boards do not contact passengers identified as requiring to quarantine. The Home Office shares the contact details of passengers identified as requiring to quarantine with Public Health Scotland, in accordance with an agreement between both organisations. Public Health Scotland (PHS) select a random sample of all those required to stay in their specified premises upon arrival to be used by the National Contact Tracing Centre who contact people during their period of self-isolation for the provision of public health advice and information. Since June 22; 2,498 successful contacts have been made with a further 430 in progress and 11,000 emails have been sent with additional public health guidance in relation to quarantine and self-isolation.


c) Information not held.

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