‘Misleading boundary campaign won’t fool anyone’ - Rumbles

Mike Rumbles MSP has put a spotlight on mock Tory outrage over proposed constituency boundary changes in Aberdeenshire.

The latest Westminster constituency boundary review, due to come into effect before the end of this parliament, will see Banchory once again to forming part of the historic county of Kincardineshire in a new constituency coupled with an area of North Angus. The part of upper Deeside, that has always been part of historic Aberdeenshire, will form part of a new constituency of Gordon and Deeside. Locally, however, the Conservative Party have set up a campaign to block the changes that could damage their own standing in the polls.     


Mr Rumbles said: “Locally, Tory representatives are trying to hoodwink people into believing the two Aberdeenshire constituencies will cross an imaginary historical divide, and nothing could be further from the truth. They are playing politics with communities to suit their own electoral ambitions.


“As a North East regional MSP representing all of these areas I find the proposals produces by the independent Boundary Commission to be sensible ones and would urge people not to be caught out. There is no ‘new’ constituency of Deeside which leaves out Banchory. I would have thought that many people would be very happy indeed to see Banchory return to its roots as part of historic Kincardineshire.”




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