‘Scottish Government should match-up public transport and environmental priorities’ – Rumbles

Scottish Liberal Democrats Transport Spokesman Mike Rumbles MSP has called on the First Minister to improve communication between governmental departments and tie in new initiatives for public transport with climate change and urban pollution targets.  



Questioning the First Minister today, the North East Liberal Democrat MSP suggested exploring the options for encouraging more low emissions public transport alongside new initiatives to encourage car drivers onto buses.


Transport Scotland reported earlier this week that the number of people using buses to get around dropped by nine million journeys this year, while car journeys are on the rise and cycling has remained stagnant at 1%.


Mr Rumbles said: “Two of the great challenges facing our modern communities is improving public transport and protecting our environment. It is blatantly obvious that these two issues are interconnected but it is not always clear that different departments in government are on the same page.


“On one hand we have the Transport Minister prepared to accept lower levels of bus use and on the other an Environment Minister struggling to make meaningful progress toward our climate change targets.


“What we need is some joined-up government. That means constant communication between Ministers on the issues that matter most and a government that is 100% focused on the tasks at hand.”




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