Astounding hypocrisy from Scottish Government on rural economy

Scottish Cabinet Secretary for the rural economy Fergus Ewing has, today, insisted the UK Government speed up its consultation on issues affecting the rural economy.  

North East MSP Mike Rumbles, who has repeatedly held the Scottish Government to account over the CAP payment crises, commented: “It’s frankly astonishing that the Scottish Rural Economy Minister, who has consistently failed our rural communities, is now insisting on ‘urgent action’ from the UK Government. 

“At best this is an attempt by the Scottish Government to draw attention away from their own bungling over farm support payments, at worst it’s an admission of their own cluelessness over how to deal with long term issues facing our rural economy in Scotland.


“This inept SNP government may have caused more damage to our agricultural sector than any government in a generation. They have refused to give any assurances whatsoever to our farm businesses that support will continue, and have no inkling of how subsidies will be managed after they become fully devolved in 2020.  Meanwhile they are sitting on a yearlong CAP payment crisis of their own making that they have utterly failed to get to grips with.    


“It is vital that the UK Government also do more to provide clarity for the future of our economy, but the Scottish Government should by mindful of their own glass house, stop throwing stones and get on with the job they have been elected to do.


“I have repeatedly asked the Minister to set up a team of experts to look at the options for designing a Scottish system of support for our rural economy, post Brexit, and the Minister has repeatedly dismissed the suggestion. This latest round of showboating simply is not good enough.”




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