Attempt to hoodwink Parliament over AWPR costs were an unwelcome Christmas present

Despite a promise from the Scottish Government’s transport secretary to notify the Scottish Parliament if there were any additional cost over and above the fixed price contract’ for the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route, the Scottish Taxpayer received a surprise bill for £64 million on Christmas Eve. All while MSPs were on parliamentary recess.

The Cabinet Secretary was reminded in the Scottish Parliament this afternoon of his promise to MSPs by North East MSP and Liberal Democrat transport spokesperson Mike Rumbles that during a session of the Rural Economy committee on the 5th December 2018, the Cabinet Secretary said: “If there is any additional cost over and above the fixed price contract, Parliament will be notified.”


Commenting, Mr Rumbles said: “The Scottish Government’s incompetent handling of the AWPR project has been an utter disgrace from the moment the contract was signed.


“After years of delays and now an additional cost to the Scottish Taxpayer of £62 million, people in the North East deserve to know the facts. Ministers need to take responsibility, stop blaming others and stop trying to brush bad news under the carpet.


“I asked the Cabinet Secretary for the actual date he came to a financial agreement with the AWPR contractors and he failed to answer the question. I have now written to the convener of the transport committee so that we can pursue the truth about exactly when the Cabinet secretary knew about the cost over-run and hid it from Parliament.”



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