Liberal Democrats 2022 Aberdeenshire Council Manifesto Launched

The Aberdeenshire Council Liberal Democrat Group has launched its Manifesto for the May Council Elections.  
Entitled “A Manifesto for a Changing World”, the document lays out an ambitious but deliverable programme for the next Council term. The Liberal Democrat Group recognise the huge challenges that will be facing Aberdeenshire over the coming years and have sought to address these challenges in their detailed Manifesto.
Group Leader Cllr Peter Argyle commented:
“We will all face difficult times in the years ahead. We face a perfect storm that is unparalleled in our recent history – the cost-of-living crisis, war in Europe, Covid, our leaving the EU are all impacting on us. And underlying everything of course is climate change and the drive to net zero.  So we make no rash and undeliverable promises. We do not commit to spending money we do not have. We do not promise to bring about change that is beyond the Council’s sphere but will be frank and open with our residents.
“As Liberal Democrats are not dictated to from the centre, this Manifesto has been written in Aberdeenshire, for Aberdeenshire. It is a detailed, deliverable, statement of our priorities for the next council term.  Our Manifesto focuses on a successful transition to living with Covid, on rebuilding the economy and our town centres, on improving roads, bridges and infrastructure and growing a new, effective partnership with communities in Aberdeenshire.

“Liberal Democrats have been at the heart of the Administration of the Council for almost all of the past 27 years. Our collective knowledge and experience mean this Manifesto for a Changing World is ambitious and achievable. It is realistic and focused entirely on achieving the best possible outcomes for Aberdeenshire.”

Deputy Group Leader Cllr Rosemary Bruce added;
“The next Council term will be one of transition. We will have to move to a world where we learn to live with Covid, adapting our ways of working and
the ways services are delivered.  Climate change is already impacting on us in Aberdeenshire; we must adapt to that reality and mitigate against the impacts while leading the way to net zero.
“We completely recognise the effects decisions taken in Edinburgh and London are having on the day-to-days lives of everyone – residents, communities, businesses – as well as on Aberdeenshire Council, particularly our Budgets.  None of us should pretend that the next Council term will be easy; there
will be great demands placed on the Council and Council services and no credibility should be given to anyone who suggests otherwise.  But we are determined to continue to deliver for Aberdeenshire.”

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