Cloak-and-dagger rail report has ‘more pictures than detail’ – Rumbles

Speaking in the chamber at First Minister’s Question’s today, North East MSP Mike Rumbles called for ‘openness and transparency’ on measures to improve the deteriorating Scotrail service.  

This week Scotrail have been fined £483,000 for failing to meet performance standards. But the Scottish Government has suppressed details in the Scotrail Improvement Plan, on what measures they intend to introduce, rather than release the information into the public sphere.


Mr Rumbles has branded the First Minister and the SNP as ‘irresponsible’ for shrouding the Scotrail report behind a veil of ‘commercial confidentiality’. He said: “MSPs have received a flimsy and inadequate summery of the Scotrail Improvement Plan, which has more pictures than details.


“Many will wonder whether the Scottish Government are trying to bury their scant  and ineffective plans under a pretence of commercial confidentiality. The public won’t stand for having the wool pulled over their eyes for much longer.


“The Transport Minister need to publish the full and comprehensive plan now, with any genuinely sensitive information removed.”



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