Conservatives offer empty promises to farmers

Scottish Liberal Democrat rural affairs spokesperson Mike Rumbles has today challenged Ruth Davidson to explain how her government will ensure that Scotland’s farmers “won’t lose a penny” as a result of a Tory hard Brexit. 

This comes after the Tory leader delivered a speech to the National Farmer’s Union of Scotland AGM. 

Mr Rumbles said: 

“Ruth Davidson’s comments today show that she is far happier posing on top of a buffalo than she is pushing for the best deal for our country’s farmers. 

“While Scottish Liberal Democrats have been holding the holding the Government to account over the CAP payments fiasco, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives has undergone a shocking conversion from being pro-EU to cheerleading for a hard Brexit. This will damage export prospects, deprive our fruit and farming industries of essential labour and put agricultural jobs at risk. 

“If Ruth Davidson really had the ear of Theresa May she would be able to immediately announce that no one in the agricultural sector would lose a penny as a result of the loss of CAP payments that will result from her party’s hard Brexit agenda. 

“Without that reassurance, Scottish farmers may begin to suspect that it’s not just her photo opportunities that feature a load of bull.”


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