Damaging underfunding of NHS Grampian set to continue with the worst level of funding in Scotland

Figures published by NHS Scotland’s Information Services Division this morning show that without Scottish Government intervention, NHS Grampian will continue to fail to receive its target level of funding until at least 2022/23. Despite it already being the worst funded Health Board in Scotland.

Under the NHSScotland Resource Allocation Committee (NRAC) formula NHS Grampian should receive 89.1% of the Scottish average funding, per head of population, with that figure set to rise to 90% in 2022/23. However, the Scottish Government has failed to deliver the allocated share of funding for each of the past 11 years (a shortfall of £239.2 million to date) and that underfunding is set to continue under the current distribution of Scottish Government funds.  


Commenting, North East Liberal Democrat MSP Mike Rumbles said: “The Scottish Government has consistently failed to meet its responsibility to fund our health care services in the North East using its own funding formula. Under the current distribution of NHS funding, that looks set to continue for at least another three years.


“NHS Grampian is regularly among the worst performing health boards in Scotland on vital services like cancer treatment and child mental health treatment. The situation for our local health board is appalling and still the Scottish Government refuses to provide the resources needed to put NHS Grampian on an equal footing with the rest of Scotland.  


“I have repeatedly asked successive Scottish health secretaries to reimburse NHS Grampian for at least some of the funding shortfall of the past eleven years but this request has fallen on deaf ears. What they have all failed to recognise is that it is the hard working staff and patients that are being punished by the Scottish Government’s lack of action.


“With the budget only a few days away, I will be repeating the calls for fair funding once again.”




Notes for editors:


  • Data provided by the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe):

NHS Grampian allocation compared with NRAC target allocation


Actual allocation £m

NRAC target allocation £m

Distance from parity £m





























2016-17 (a)




2017-18 (a)




2018-19 (a)




2019-20 (a)





(a)    allocations for 2016-17 to 2018-19 are revised to remove funding streams that are

(b)   not allocated on an NRAC basis

The total distance from parity over the whole period shown is £239.2m.

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