Davidson selling out Scottish agriculture

Scottish Liberal Democrats rural affairs spokesperson Mike Rumbles MSP has today hit out at Ruth Davidson, after the Scottish Conservative leader refused to confirm that new powers over agriculture and fisheries will return to Holyrood if the UK leaves the European Union 

In an interview with the Times today, Ms Davidson suggested that Holyrood may be denied the power to decide cash handouts to farmers despite agriculture being a wholly devolved issue. 

Mr Rumbles said: 

“Agriculture has been an established devolved power for some years and for Ruth Davidson to think that powers over Scottish agriculture should go anywhere other than to Scotland is bizarre.

“Ruth Davidson says she wouldn’t name a single compromise that she has gained from Theresa May because she didn’t want to make it public. Let’s be honest, she hasn’t gained any compromise at all. Look at her position on the single market which was shot down by Number 10 weeks later.

“If Ruth Davidson really had the ear of Theresa May she would be able to immediately announce that no one in the agricultural sector would lose a penny as a result of the loss of CAP payments caused by her party’s hard Brexit agenda. Instead she is happy to sell out Scottish agriculture and see powers repatriated to Westminster."


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