Door slammed shut on North East community funding

Liberal Democrat MSP Mike Rumbles has revealed that local projects in the North East may be deprived of millions of pounds of direct funding if the UK leaves the EU.

Scottish Liberal Democrat research has shown that more than 38 North East community projects, worth over £16 million, have been funded though the EU since 2013.


Mr Rumbles said: “With the SNP raiding our local coffers while running a deficit of £15 billion every year in Scotland, there are concerns that the direct funding from the EU, being torn away by Brexit, will not be replaced.


“Local projects such as Angus’ Leader project or Aberdeenshire’s youth and pipeline employment initiatives would never have seen the light of day without a range of funding available, including thousands of pounds worth of direct investment from the EU.


“The UK Government must think long and hard before taking us out of the EU and it is only right that the public should have their say on the final exit deal. As the only political party calling for Scotland to remain in the UK and the EU we must fight tooth and nail to make sure the North East get a fair deal in the years to come.”



Notes to editors:


  • A spreadsheet showing the funding received and expected by local authorities can be found here.
  • Dundee City and East Dunbartonshire failed to respond to the FOI request within the statutory deadline.


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