First Minister laughs at £200 million loss for rural economy

The First Minister, in questions today, completely ignored concerns raised by Mike Rumbles MSP that £200 million worth of funding, that would usually be injected into the rural economy in December, is instead sitting on the government’s accounts.

The North East MSP said: “Trust in this shambles of government is so low, that almost a third of farm businesses have not taken up the offer of a loan to replace their entitled CAP payment.


“That means that £200 million worth of farm subsidies, that would be used to pay for workers, supplies, farm services and equipment and help support our rural communities, is instead sitting in the SNP’s petty cash box.


“The First Minister will not be surprised that I was very disappointed, that instead of taking this issue seriously, she chose to start laughing in the chamber. An incompetent First Minister and an incompetent government. Not good enough.”




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