FM must work in good faith on EU

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Mike Rumbles today warned the First Minister against setting up EU strawmen to pave the way for a second referendum on independence for Scotland.

Speaking as the First Minister made a speech on Scotland and the EU in Edinburgh, Mr Rumbles said that Nicola Sturgeon must honour her commitment to work in good faith with people across the UK to get the best deal for Scotland and the rest of the country.

Commenting, Mr Rumbles said:

“I was angry at the referendum result and Lib Dems joined with the SNP and others across the chamber at Holyrood to give the First Minister a mandate to work with the UK government to protect our relationship with the EU. But setting up straw men to pave the way for a possible second independence referendum will not help deliver the sort of deal that Scotland and the UK needs.

“The fact that talks with the UK government and our EU partners are ongoing is welcome. But the First Minister needs to ensure that these are not set up to fail.

“I do not expect the First Minister to stop supporting independence. But I do expect her to honour her commitment to work with others in good faith. She will have my support if she does so. But focusing on independence would risk breaking the consensus that emerged following the Brexit vote.” 



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