Foreign investors must be accountable for fair wages and fair practice – Rumbles

Overseas companies who seek to invest in Scotland should be checked to ensure they pay the legal wage rate and will pay their taxes, according to North East Liberal Democrat MSP Mike Rumbles. 

During First Minister’s Question’s in Parliament today Mr Rumbles welcomed the investment foreign companies provide and called on the Frist Minister to guarantee that checks would be done into their ethical practice before they received and money from the Scottish Government.    

Commenting after the session, Mr Rumbles said: “Scotland benefits enormously from overseas investors. We have a great many opportunities and specialist areas of growth that many foreign companies find very attractive.


“However, before they are allowed to lay down roots in Scotland, we must know that they will pay fair and legal wages and that they will pay their taxes.


“Billions of pounds of taxpayer’s money is lost every year to tax evasion and we routinely hear stories of the abysmal treatment of workers. Such as Willie Rennie’s investigation into the poor treatment of workers by Amazon in Fife. The Scottish Government need to provide proper assurances that companies receiving money from the taxpayer will meet a strict criteria and there must be penalties for those who break the rules.”



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