Jardine warns continued vigilance needed over Tory attack on welfare

Lib Dem Christine Jardine warned vigilance is needed over Tory cuts in welfare despite the u-turn on tax credits forced on Tories by Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords.

The Aberdeenshire politician highlighted the Tories’ public commitment to a further £12 billion cuts in welfare as evidence of the threat their government poses to social justice.
Speaking following Chancellor George Osborne’s autumn statement in which he abandoned planned cuts in tax credits she said: “I am delighted that the Tory Chancellor has been forced to see sense by the stance taken by Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords.
“His planned cut in tax credits would have seriously damaged the well-being of thousands of families, many of them in the North East.
“But we must still be aware of the threat to social justice, and the well-being of many of the most vulnerable in our communities, from the UK Governments plans for further cuts in welfare.
“Their publicly stated aim of finding another £12bn reductions is simply unacceptable and clearly an ideologically driven attack on the welfare state and those it supports.
“We must do everything we can to oppose these changes.”

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