Lack of action leads to record low in bus travel

Transport Scotland figures released today show that since the SNP came to power the number of individual bus journeys in Scotland has dropped by almost 80 million per year. The lowest since 1975.

For the first 7 years of the century the amount of people using local bus travel was on the rise but since 2007 the number of overall journeys, fleet sizes and journey distance have all been cut.


North East MSP Mike Rumbles said: “If you listen to every SNP Transport Minister since 2007 you’d be forgiven for thinking everything is fine. The reality is very different indeed.


“The number of people using buses has dropped dramatically, as has the number of buses and journeys available to people. That means more traffic on our roads, less investment in public transport and missed targets on climate change.


“The Scottish Government either are intentionally misleading the public or have no idea of the reality of public transport in Scotland. We need action and real investment now in our bus and rail services so that we have infrastructure fit for the twenty first century.”




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Full Transport Scotland report for 2016 (22/02/17):








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