Liberal Democrat Michael Turvey running for Angus North and Mearns

Angus North and Mearns Liberal Democrats is pleased to announce Michael Turvey as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Angus North and the Mearns for the Scottish Parliament. He lives with his wife Yi-pei and three children in a farmhouse on the Slug Road near Stonehaven.  Michael and his family previously lived on Carmont Hill near Drumlithie.
Angus Councillor Ben Lawrie commented: “Michael Turvey is a caring and hard-working campaigner who will put recovery first.  Many people across Angus and the Mearns are unhappy with choosing the Tories or the SNP.  Michael offers a different kind of politics and a fresh way of doing things.”
Stonehaven and Lower Deeside Councillor Sarah Dickinson commented: “Michael will stand up for the people and the interests of the Angus and Mearns area with energy and commitment. He knows the area and recognises the opportunities. He will be a voice for the investment that is necessary to help deliver on that potential.”  
Michael is passionate about Angus and the Mearns and everyone who lives there. he said:
“We have family and friends from across the UK and around the world and we are always so proud to show them around the area.  From the heights of Cairn O’Mount, through stunning forests and farmland to the harbours and cliffs of the Angus and Mearns coastline this area has such diverse landscape and such friendly welcoming people.”  
“The sense of community is so impressive, you just have to join a toddler group, like the one all our kids went to in Drumlithie village hall or pop into a local shop like Skite’s famous Steeple Shop to see how friendly and welcoming everyone is.”  
Living in rural Aberdeenshire, Michael is keen to get a fair deal for local farmers. He added:
“The farmers around here are absolute heroes: working all hours producing top quality food and still finding time to plough snow off the roads or help out their neighbours. They do so much for us, I want to make sure someone is looking out for their interests in Holyrood”
Michael has worked for 14 years for an international energy company with roles in procurement, operations, commercial, technical services, and supply chain.  
Long-standing Local Liberal Democrat Peter Bellarby said: “Michael is not a career politician, he genuinely understands the oil and gas industry that underpins so many jobs in our area and has a positive approach to the challenges it faces for the future.”  
Outside work Michael enjoys walks in the countryside with his family picking mushrooms and berries, gardening, woodwork, cooking, and language learning.  
Michael’s priorities for the Scottish Parliament are:
  • Health– putting the recovery first, tackling the mental health crisis and learning from the pandemic to respond better and faster in future.
  • Education – breaking down barriers with a flexible, ambitious, and caring education system cultivating a learner mindset and lifelong learning that helps workers navigate the ever-faster changes in society and technology.
  • Energy– delivering the energy transition to tackle climate change while ensuring that our skilled workers have a clear well-supported path to well paid jobs for the future.
Michael is keen to bring some fresh thinking into the Scottish Parliament challenging what he sees as the divisive politics of the Tories and SNP with a more collaborative approach that puts recovery first. He said:
“People are tired of COVID, tired of the Tories’ Brexit mess and tired of the SNP banging on about independence even during a global pandemic.  As a Liberal Democrat I want to put recovery first, get the basics right around health and education and tackle climate change while securing well-paid jobs for people in our area.  If you agree with these positive priorities, support my campaign and vote for me and my fellow Liberal Democrats on May 6th.”
Notes for editors:
Photo Credit: Isabel
Photo Location: Cowie
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Twitter: @MichaelTurvey19
Notes on code of conduct  
In conformity with Michael Turvey’s code of conduct commitments with his employer, please note that all quotes are attributable to Michael in his personal capacity as a Liberal Democrat Candidate and not as an employee.  In consideration of Michael's commitment to ethics and compliance with the code of conduct it is kindly requested that Michael's employer be referred to as an "international energy company" a "major oil and gas operator" or similar terms should this be necessary to your article.  The objective of this request is to avoid any incorrect appearance of endorsement rather than encroach on any journalistic freedoms.

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