McInnes slams SNP over breath-taking complacency on North Sea jobs

Scottish Liberal Democrat North East MSP Alison McInnes today accused the SNP of breath-taking complacency on North East jobs after a senior government backbencher talked down the challenge facing Scotland's energy industry.

Speaking at Holyrood this afternoon, SNP MSP Dennis Robertson said that there was no jobs crisis in the North Sea. As far back as September, Oil and Gas UK said that 65,000 jobs had already been lost in the energy sector.

Mrs McInnes commented: "While local people are looking to the Scottish Government to help protect jobs, SNP MSPs are telling us there is no crisis. This was a breath-taking display of complacency from the government benches. I am not sure what Dennis Robertson did over the Christmas break but it is time that he and his colleagues got serious about giving people in the North East the support they deserve.

"We were warned last year that 65,000 oil and gas jobs have already been lost and contractors are predicting further redundancies. This is an employment crisis by any definition of the word."

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