Mike Rumbles - Council tax changes underwhelming

Following today's announcement by the Scottish Government's that council tax charges for higher band properties will be increased, Scottish Liberal Democrat candidate for Aberdeenshire West, Mike Rumbles, is unimpressed.

So this is it then? After 9 years of setting up commissions, debates in Parliament and conducting reviews, the Scottish Government has finally come out with its 'radical plan' for reforming local government finance.  The SNP's answer is simply to add on charges to some of the higher rate bands and leave it at that.  Wow!

I hope that we all feel this was well worth the wait.  What I find amusing is how many people are completely taken in by the SNP government's pronouncements like this one.  Nicola Sturgeon said today that she is to implement this council tax change in 2017 but what she also said recently was that she would raise income tax for higher earners in 2017 but couldn't tell us by how much!  She couldn't tell us that of course because it might put off some of her voters in 9 weeks time.

Who said you can't fool all the people all the time? 

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