Mike Rumbles: Crisis, what crisis?

With an estimated loss of 65000 jobs over the last year in the North Sea, the industry faces one of its worst ever years. 
This is a direct result of the world-wide crash in the price of oil and while this might be good news for consumers, it has resulted in thousands of redundancies and job losses here in Aberdeenshire. At the very time we need our local MSP to be fighting for help from the Scottish Government, he tells the Scottish Parliament that there is no crisis at all. 
I find this attitude from our own SNP MSP quite astonishing, at the very time he should be fighting our corner he simply acts as a cheerleader for the Scottish Government. I know many people who have lost their jobs whose mortgages are threatened and who face real difficulties.
What we really need is a local MSP who has the courage to stand up and fight for our area, who is ready to make a fuss on our behalf and use his vote in the Scottish Parliament to pressurise the Scottish Government into action. What we don't need is someone who bury's his head in the sand just hoping for better days. I would say to Dennis Robertson - wake up and smell the coffee.

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