Minister to make statement to parliament on CAP fiasco

The Scottish Government have yielded to calls from North East MSP Mike Rumbles, for the Rural Economy and Connectivity Minister to appear before parliament tomorrow to explain the latest botched arrangement for CAP payments. 

Last week the Scottish Government reported that its programme created to deliver the new CAP loans scheme has failed. The new system was designed to reduce the financial pressure on farming businesses awaiting the next round of agricultural payments, for 2016/17 - while the original IT system that failed at the end of 2015 is fixed.


Mr Rumbles said: “I’d like to thank the Minister for agreeing to make a statement to the parliament. Support payments are of vital importance to our rural communities, so it is only right that he clarifies what has caused this latest bungle and what the Government is doing to fix it.


“Struggling farmers have been left in the dark again, through yet another shambolic mess by this Government on CAP payments. What is most surprising is that, despite millions of pound of damage to our rural economy and a year of humiliating delays, the Scottish Government are ploughing ahead without reviewing whether this is the right system for Scottish farming or whether the current contractors are up to doing the job.


“A whole year after the Scottish Government’s £140million IT programme designed to deliver farm payments self-destructed we have come full circle, the system still isn’t fixed, and many farmers and their families are still waiting for their promised funding.”   



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