North East betrayed by Tories abstaining on local government cuts

Liberal Democrat MSP Mike Rumbles, who represents the North East of Scotland, has attacked Conservative MSPs for the region for failing to oppose the Scottish Government’s Local Government Finance Order in the Scottish Parliament this afternoon.

Aberdeen City remains the worst funded of the 32 councils in Scotland, per head of population, with Aberdeenshire the third worst.


Mr Rumbles said: “The Scottish Conservatives have made a huge mistake allowing the SNP to pass on £230 million worth of cuts to our local services in Scotland.


“The North East is at the back of the queue again for funding and I cannot believe that Tory MSPs who say they represent the North East would allow this vote to pass.


“This is a blunder from the Conservative Party. The reality of their abstention is that today’s vote will result in millions of pounds less for essential local services such as community care and local public transport.”




Notes for Editors:


  • The Conservative Party argument that by voting against this local government budget they would be denying funds to the our councils betrays the fact that they do not understand how the budget works. If the SNP had lost the vote today they would have to bring a better local government settlement back to the Scottish Parliament for approval.

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