Rates U-turn thanks to local businesses, local press and opposition pressure

The Scottish Government have today backtracked on their punishing business rates hike by introducing a national relief scheme that will cap how much some businesses will have to pay. 

The Finance Minister announced a 12.5% cap for 9500 medium-size businesses across Scotland, including a special rate for 1000 office premises in Aberdeen City and Shire.


North East MSP Mike Rumbles has congratulated local businesses and colleagues in the Scottish Parliament for forcing the government U-turn, and for securing the relief scheme that will help thousands of the worst affected businesses in the North East.


Mr Rumbles said: “The Scottish Government have seen the error of their ways. Their gruelling rates increases would have damaged many of our most import local industries and halt any progress we have made creating new jobs in the North East.


“It’s thanks to hundreds of local people who stood up to the government, with the support of many of us in the Scottish Parliament and of course the Press & Journal campaign, that the rates increase has been relaxed for thousands of hotels, restaurants and pubs.


“This is also a triumph for the Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City, where we will see 1000 local office premises included under the relief cap. This is welcome news indeed.


“Of course there is still much more that the Scottish Government could do to support our vulnerable economy in the North East, but at least this U-turn is a step in the right direction.”





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