Rumbles accuses Scottish Government of business rates spin

Mike Rumbles MSP, Scottish Liberal Democrat for the North East, today accused the Scottish Government of spin over controversial increases to business rates, which will hit struggling North East businesses hard.

In questions posed to the Scottish Government, Mr Rumbles asked the Cabinet Secretary for Finance to outline his position on delaying the proposed increases in business rates. In a single sentence response, he was advised that the SNP Government has no such plans.


Mr Rumbles said:


“It is clear from Mr MacKay’s blunt response that the Government is purely paying lip service to legitimate concerns and has no plans to work out any agreement with North East businesses to phase in or delay increases to business rates. This is despite the Cabinet Secretary’s recent and much publicised discussions with business and local authority leaders.


“Rather than focusing on the spin, Mr MacKay should be doing all in his power to assist struggling local businesses. The issue simply has to be addressed.”




Attached: Mr Rumbles question to the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Constitution

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