Rumbles appeals to Scottish Government to ‘call in’ Kingsford stadium planning application

North East MSP Mike Rumbles has requested that Scottish Government Ministers look at Aberdeen City Council’s decision to ignore objections from Aberdeenshire Council, the Strategic Development Planning Authority (SDPA) and local residents by ploughing ahead with the AFC Kingsford stadium development.


In a question and answer session in the Scottish Parliament today, Mr Rumbles raised the issues of traffic congestion and the environmental impact of building on the Aberdeen Green Belt. The Minister refused to comment on the matter but confirmed that the application was currently being assessed but that no decision had yet been made about whether to ‘call in’ the application in for independent review.


Mr Rumbles said: “Aberdeenshire Council, the SDPA and hundreds of local residents have all objected to this development and yet the City Council approved it.


“The planning Minister is well aware of the public concerns with the proposed Kingsford stadium causing issues with the environmental impact on the green belt and of course traffic congestion. The Scottish Government has a duty to ‘call in’ the application to allow the independent reporter to look at this to ensure that this process has been properly handled and to ensure that the local development plan has not been compromised.   


“It is worrying that two separate bodies of professional planning officials have recommended completely opposing positions, on the protection of the Green Belt.”




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