Rumbles attacks “Neanderthal” Greens on Oil and Gas position.

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP for the North East, Mike Rumbles, has slammed the Green Party for its position on North Sea oil and gas, which they argued has no place in Scotland’s economic future. 

The Greens made their remarks in today’s debate in the Parliament Chamber, Scotland’s Economy: Opportunities for growth.


Following disparaging remarks made by Andy Wightman, Scottish Green Party MSP for the Lothian region, Mr Rumbles challenged him, asking if the party considers North Sea Oil and Gas to be an asset or not. Mr Wightman said that, though oil and gas had been an asset in the past, it had no place in Scotland’s economic future.


Speaking after the debate, Mr Rumbles said:


“I think many people working in the oil and gas sector would be greatly offended by this slap in the face from the Green party. To completely dismiss the future of North Sea oil and gas and it’s place in the Scottish economy is foolish and completely unrealistic.


“All parties acknowledge the need to progress to renewable energy, but to dismiss the importance of the industry is astonishing and the Greens threaten to take us back to the stone age!


“The Scottish Liberal Democrats are committed to seeing North Sea oil and gas through to the end of its natural life and acknowledges the massive contribution the industry is making to the UK, Scottish and North East economies. Oil and gas has brought jobs and prosperity to the North East, though it has fallen on harder times now, there is no reason that it shouldn’t have a very positive place in Scotland’s economic future.”




Mr Wightmans comments and Mr Rumbles question will be available on Scottish Parliament TV after the conclusion of parliamentary business. 

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