Rumbles blasts SNP Ministers' AWPR shambles

Responding to the confusion about when the Aberdeen Bypass (AWPR) will now open, with ministers predicting it could now be "late autumn 2018", North East MSP and Scottish Liberal Democrat transport spokesperson Mike Rumbles said:

“This is a complete shambles. The Cabinet Secretary has clearly lost total control of this process.


“In January he appeared before a Scottish Parliament committee to claim that the AWPR was still set to open this spring. We now have confusion instead of clarity, with a variety of possible opening dates stretching towards the end of the year. To apportion some of the blame to a storm in 2015 also takes some nerve.

“People in the North East now have zero faith in the any opening time set out by the Cabinet Secretary. Thus far they have had all the prediction power of astrology. Whatever happens, residents evidently face many months more of delays.”


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