Rumbles calls for Council action on flooding

Chair of Kemnay Community Council, Hazel Smith, and Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP for the North East Region, Mike Rumbles, today called for Aberdeenshire Council to conduct a Flood Risk Assessment in Kemnay, to facilitate the planning of long term flooding solutions for the area. 

In letters to Aberdeenshire Council, both Ms Smith and Mr Rumbles requested that an essential risk assessment be carried out so that work may be undertaken to prevent the re-occurrence of flooding that affected Kemnay in January this year.


Mr Rumbles commented while visiting the flood affected area “I welcome the work recently undertaken by the council in Port Elphinstone and Inverurie to repair damaged flooding infrastructure, however it is essential that they address the legitimate concerns of other flood effected communities, such as here in Kemnay.


“The Kembhill Park area does not fall under the North east Local Flood Risk Management Plan and as such residents have legitimate concerns regarding the safety of their homes, particularly after flood warnings were issued for the area as recently as June.


Ms Smith also added that “The flooding in January left a number of local homes very badly damaged, some of which are still being renovated and repaired. Without action, the homes here will remain at risk of further damage.  A Flooding Risk Assessment is the first step towards resolving the flood defence issues in this area and will help to ease the minds of rightly nervous residents”


Mr Rumbles and Ms Smith are currently awaiting a response from Aberdeenshire Council




Notes to Editor:


Though Aberdeenshire Council has set the ball rolling on flood defence repairs, Kemnay is not included in the North East Local Flood Risk Management Plan.


Flood water in the Kembhill Park area of Kemnay passed through the gap in the ‘bund’ in Kemnay, which does not protect the Scottish Water water treatment facility in the area, and flooded local homes.


Letters to Chief Executive of Aberdeenshire Council enclosed.

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