Rumbles calls for “the biggest spend to save initiative” on Mental Health

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP for the North East, Mike Rumbles, today called on the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to back his parties plan to have a mental health specialist in every GP surgery across Scotland, describing the measure as the “biggest single thing she could do on mental health”. 

Speaking in the chamber at First Ministers Questions, Mr Rumbles asked:


“Does the First Minister agree with me that the biggest single thing she could do is have a mental health specialist in every surgery across Scotland. This could be the biggest spend to save initiative she could ever make.


The First Minister agreed in principle with Mr Rumbles and stated that the government was looking to increase the number of mental health link workers in the health service as part of a wider holistic strategy.


Commenting after the session, Mr Rumbles stated:


“I am disappointed that the First Minister would not commit to our position. I feel she and her Scottish Government colleagues need to go much further.


“The Scottish Liberal Democrats have called for mental health to be given equal standing with physical health in our health service and as such we need qualified professionals in our GP surgeries not just link workers.


“I implore the First Minister to take radical action on this issue and hope she will make this major step in tackling the state of Scotland’s mental health




Link to Mr Rumbles question to the First Minister:

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