Rumbles calls for urgent action on Laurencekirk junction

Mike Rumbles MSP has accused the Transport Minister of delaying work on the A90 grade separated junction a Laurencekirk until after this Scottish Government is ‘long gone’.

Speaking in the chamber, at General Questions today, the North East MSP called on the Minister to ‘get a move on’ after it emerged that work on the project will not start for at least another five years.


Mr Rumbles said: “If the Minister is serious about saving lives at this junction, he should tell Transport Scotland to get a move on. It should not take a decade and a half to design a junction upgrade.


“This emergency safety improvement has been on the agenda since before the SNP came to power in 2007. At that time they fully agreed the work should be carried out as soon as possible. Now the Scottish Government are extending the planning process well into the next decade and the next Parliament.


“It is no wonder that local people are quickly losing faith in the SNP Government. They are quick to promise the world at every election but have utterly failed to deliver on transport in the North East, after ten years in power.”




Notes for editors:


  • Supplementary Question from Mike Rumbles MSP to the Scottish Government at General Questions on 01/12/16:

In a letter to the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee the Minster writes, that despite a decade of waiting, he is to take three years on an assessment process, another year to draft the road orders and a further three years after that if there are no objections – before he plans to start work on construction but not in any case before 2021. What are local people to make of this – kicking it into the period after this government will be long gone. If the Minister is serious about saving lives at this junction, why will he not instruct Transport Scotland to get a move on?



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