Rumbles calls on North East MSPs to work together.

Mike Rumbles, Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP for the North East has called on Parliamentary colleagues of all parties  to come together to promote the areas interests and not just read from the party hymn sheet.


Speaking today in a members business debate on business rates, Mr Rumbles urged North East MSPs of all parties not to blindly follow the whip but to vote in the best interests of their constituents.


Commenting Mr Rumbles said:


“I congratulate Ross Thomson for bringing the business rates debate to the chamber today and I support his motion. I must however point out that the North East needs more than warm words. Abstaining when the SNP Government is wrong is simply not good enough.


“Colleagues from all parties would do well to remember that they are judged by their actions and not just their words, though I have given up appealing to the SNP back bench. Last Thursday (09/03/17) the Local Government Finance (Scotland) Order, which underfunded Aberdeen City Council yet again, was passed. I voted against it. That this was allowed to happen is on the shoulders of all those who did not.


“Independence of mind and freedom to act in our constituents interests are both vitally important and why we are here.”

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