Rumbles calls on ScotGov to scrap quarantine measures in favour of direct testing

North East Liberal Democrat MSP Mike Rumbles has called on the Scottish Government to drop its ‘useless’ quarantine system, which has failed to track a single person with covid-19 and implement a robust testing system for all international arrivals in Scottish airports.  

Mr Rumbles has backed a Labour motion in the Scottish Parliament today, calling for more support to protect jobs in the aviation industry. The motion also called for a review of the existing quarantine measures and for passengers travelling to Scotland to be tested directly when they arrive in the airport.


In the final week of August, Mr Rumbles revealed that only 6.8% of people required to self-isolate after returning to Scotland from a country on the 'quarantine list' had even been contacted by Public Health Scotland. Furthermore, no information is held on how many, if any, of the 36,826 people identified as possibly carrying Covid-19 to that date have actually contracted the virus.


Mr Rumbles said: “I congratulate Labour for bringing this debate to the Scottish Parliament today.


“The so-called ‘quarantine’ is totally useless and is so dangerous that the Scottish Government has failed to track those people arriving at our airports that could have contracted coronavirus.


“Germany tests all arrivals, tests them again days later and keeps track of them throughout that process. The answer is not quarantine but test, test and test again.”



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