Rumbles challenges the Scottish Government on North East teaching vacancies.

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP for the North East, Mike Rumbles, today challenged the Scottish Government on its failure to attract teaching staff to the North East.

Mr Rumbles noted that Aberdeenshire Council advertised 42 teaching vacancies in December, while Aberdeen City had 96 full-time equivalent vacancies.  


Speaking after Portfolio Questions, Mr Rumbles said:


“From Mark McDonald’s response to my question today, it is clear that he does not understand that his Government has failed to provide Local Authorities with the resources they need to attract enough teachers to the North East. The number of vacancies in Aberdeen City and Shire is astounding and completely unacceptable.


“The Local Authorities here in the North East consistently received the worst grant funding from the SNP Government and continues to do so from his successor. Without the resources to tackle the shortage of teachers, our councils are fighting a losing battle. Aberdeen City and Shire councils must be given the means to ensure our children are getting the best education possible.


“During the Scottish Election, the Scottish Liberal Democrats advocated raising income tax by a penny to generate £500m for our struggling education system. The SNP may have backed down on their council tax smash and grab from the North East, but their eye remains on the Central Belt and they continue to fail our local school children and their parents.”



Notes for Editors:


-       Information re. teaching vacancies taken from FOI requests which received responses in December.


-       Information re. vacancies was supplied as FTE by Aberdeen City Council and acquired by manual count of Aberdeenshire Councils recruitment website in December


-       Initial Question asked by Mr Rumbles at Portfolio Questions (Education and Skills) 18/01/17 – “To ask the Scottish Government when it will next meet representatives from Aberdeenshire Council’s Education and Children’s services.”


-       Suplementary Question asked by Mr Rumbles at Portfolio Questions (Education and Skills) 18/01/17 – “In December, Aberdeenshire Council had 42 teaching vacancies while Aberdeen City reported 96 full-time equivalent posts vacant. Does the Minister understand that his Government needs to provide local authorities with the resources to attract adequate numbers of teachers to the North East and change the situation where both councils receive the worst grant funding from the Scottish Governement.”

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