Rumbles highlights North East road accident statistics

North East Liberal Democrat MSP Mike Rumbles highlighted statistics released today revealing the North East police force division reporting the fifth highest average in the country, between 2013-17, of motorists involved in accidents, at 1,085.

Greater Glasgow topped the chart with 2,293. Edinburgh, Lanarkshire and Lothian & Borders averaged between 1,728 and 1,470. All police forces reported an average fall in motorists involved in accidents from 2005-08. This follows a general trend since the 1980s.

In the North East the 2004-08 average for motorists involved in accidents was 1,882.

Mr Rumbles said: “While it is good news that on average almost 800 fewer accidents involving motorists occurred between 2013-17 than 2005-08, 1,085 accidents is still too many.

“I hope that the major infrastructure works, such as the AWPR, will be successful in helping to lower these statistics. There have been many studies into reducing road accidents and modern roads should be built with these in mind.

“I have long campaigned for dangerous junctions such as at Laurencekirk on the A90 to be made safer. We must combine safer road layouts and reducing traffic offences to keep all road users safe.”


Notes to Editors

Data from Transport Scotland’s - Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2017 which can be read here:

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