Rumbles says Cabinet Secretary is “passing the buck”

Mike Rumbles, Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP for the North East, has today written to the Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Derek MacKay, attacking his unwillingness to provide North East businesses with relief on massive business rates hikes.


With business rates for some North East firms doubling or even tripling, Mr Rumbles has urged the Scottish Government to take action, rather than pass the buck to Local Authorities. He further notes that failure to act would increase the likelihood of a Government defeat when their budget is brought to Parliament on Thursday.


Mr Rumbles Said:


“Mr MacKay may be meeting with North East business leaders and Local Authority chiefs but he is not taking action to address their valid concerns over rising business rates and the slashing of the Council block grants. Rather than leave the Local Authorities to resolve the issue of business rates, Mr Mackay needs to listen to what they’re saying and take action. He cannot use them as a shield for his decisions.


“The Scottish Government brings its budget to Parliament on Thursday, if it fails to act on this issue it increases the likelihood of a clear and embarrassing defeat.



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