Rumbles urges farmers to apply before CAP deadline

From next Wednesday, 14th December, farm businesses entitled to Common Agricultural support payments will no longer be able to apply for an 80% loan from the Scottish Government.

The temporary National Basic Payment Support Scheme was launched this autumn to limit damage to the rural economy caused by the Scottish Government’s defunct CAP payment IT system.


Despite over a year of failing to get to grips with the crisis, payments for the 2016-17 period are not expected to be delivered in full until mid-2017.


North East MSP Mike Rumbles said: “The Scottish Government’s bungled CAP payment system has cost our rural economy and the Scottish taxpayer tens of millions of pounds this year. On top of that, our rural communities are facing years of uncertainty, putting them under enormous and needless pressure.


“Some farm businesses may be tempted to hold out for their full CAP payment in the summer, rather than take on a debt from the Scottish Government. I understand their concerns, but if next year’s payments are anything like the shambles of this year’s, they may have to wait much much longer.


“We have seen the 2015-16 round of payments pushed right back into the late autumn, despite promises from the SNP that this mess would be cleared up by the deadline this summer. I would encourage everyone entitled to farm payments to claim their loan before the application round ends next Wednesday.”



Notes for Editors:  

  • Applications for the 2016 National Basic Payment Support Scheme will remain open until 14 December 2016.
  • Applicants can apply for up to 80% of the value of their estimated Basic Payment entitlement. 

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