Sad day for local Fire Service

North East MSP Mike Rumbles has raised further concerns over the closure of Aberdeen Fire Control Centre today. 

Plans to replace northern control centres in Aberdeen and Inverness with a single facility in Dundee were confirmed as part of the Scottish Government’s centralisation agenda in 2014.


Temporary accommodation in Dundee will be used until the new centre opens in March next year.


Mr Rumbles said: “Once we lose vital assists like Aberdeen fire control, they are very hard to bring back.


“Aberdeen should have been kept open long enough to overlap the service from Dundee. The loss of local knowledge and temporary setup of the Dundee facility will leave the North East vulnerable to mistakes that could cost lives.  


“It will come as no surprise that the Liberal Democrats have been against this move, which has been part of the wider centralisation of Scottish police and fire, from the start. This is a contrast to all the other political parties that supported the centralisation of our police service. It is particularly galling to hear conservatives MSPs criticise this centralisation now, when at the time they failed to support us.


“This is a sad day for the families involved and a sad day for the local fire service in the North East.”




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