Scottish Government asleep at the wheel while millionaire landowners skim off the top

Commenting on news today that large landowners are receiving millions of pound through the Scottish Government and EU Common Agricultural Policy payments, North East MSP Mike Rumbles said: “This is a clear indication of how broken the current system is. The Scottish Government now have the opportunity to ensure that the available funding for our farming industry goes directly to those who need support. As I said in parliament on Tuesday, we have to remember that 38% of farmers have an income of less than £10,000 a year.

“After 2020, agricultural payments will be entirely devolved to the Scottish Government, with our share of funding coming to Scotland through Barnett consequentials. That means we can move away from the arbitrary nature of the present system, stop excessive subsidies to farming conglomerates, and create a system that will provide the best support for our rural communities. Playing to the strengths of Scotland’s farming sector.


“I have repeatedly called on the Minister to set up a team of experts to look at such a system, and he has repeatedly rejected the proposal. Perhaps today’s appalling figures will shock the Government out of its stupor.”  



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