Scottish Government heading for failure over farm payments

The First Minister has again refused to answer calls from Mike Rumbles MSP to look into how farm subsidies will be delivered if the UK leaves the EU.

At First Minister’s Questions today, the North East MSP highlighted that farm payments are already fully devolved to the Scottish Government and that the annual subsidy is worth hundreds of millions of pounds to the rural economy.


Mr Rumbles said: “The Scottish Government now has the opportunity to deliver a farm payment system, free from constraints, that works to the strengths of Scotland’s rural economy. Instead, the First Minister is content to bury her head in the sand.


“It has taken over a year for this slipshod government to get to grips with their shambles of an IT system, and it still is not fixed. Yet they expect to design a whole new system of payments overnight. What a mess.


“The Scottish Government must set up a team of experts now, to make sure support for our rural communities continues and lay the groundwork for the years to come. ”



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