Scottish Government short-change local services in the North East for another year

North East Liberal Democrat MSP Mike Rumbles has hit out at the Scottish Government, following the announcement today that Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Local Authorities are to remain amongst the worst funded councils in Scotland.

Local services in Aberdeen City are to receive the lowest share of funding, per head of population, compared to all other local authorities in Scotland, while Aberdeenshire only does slightly better as the third worst.


According to the Scottish Government’s Local Government Finance Order, being [voted through] the Scottish Parliament today, Aberdeen City is to get only £324 million, that again fails to meet the Scottish Government’s own target per head of population. While Aberdeenshire gets £306 million and also fails to meet this target.


Mr Rumbles said: “The actions of the Scottish Government today are appalling. For the last 11 years the SNP have used the North East a ‘cash cow’ and our local services have paid the price.


“This harmful cash allocation announced today, compared to the rest of Scotland, will only make matters worse and there is no doubt that it will have a damaging impact on our local schools, roads and care facilities. Meanwhile SNP Ministers applaud themselves for their management of local government finance. Frankly that is outrageous and they should all hang their heads in shame.  


“Today the Scottish Government had the chance to reverse 11 years of underfunding for Aberdeen City and Shire. They have not done that and any MSP from the North East who supports this damaging level of funding for our local services is simply not doing their duty.”



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