Scottish Liberal Democrats reveal the most dangerous trunk roads in Scotland

Scottish Liberal Democrat transport spokesman Mike Rumbles MSP today revealed the most dangerous trunk roads in Scotland as new figures showed that serious and fatal accidents on roads managed directly by the Scottish Government are higher now than in 2013. 

The most fatal and serious crashes were recorded on the A90, A9, A82, A96 and the A85. The A90 has recorded 147 such accidents since 2013 - one every 10 days. 

Figures revealed through parliamentary questions have shown that on average a serious or fatal accident happened nearly every day on Scotland’s trunk roads since 2013.

Commenting, Mike Rumbles MSP said: 

“We need to ensure that we do what we can to make our roads as safe as possible. These figures clearly demonstrate that the Scottish Government has not been able to bring the number of accidents down on the trunk roads that are directly under their control. 

“While infrastructure projects like the Queensferry crossing are a marvel to behold they are of little benefit to those that frequent the rural roads of the A9 or the A82 who have not seen any improvement in their safety record. Transport infrastructure projects have been budgeted for and announced with great fanfare but are being dragged out and delayed. 

“Our emergency services do fantastic, life-saving work responding to accidents as they happen but they need the government to back them up too.

“Clearly, major infrastructure projects take time. But we have already been waiting for years to see improvements to roads like the A96. The SNP came into government in 2007 pledging urgent action to improve trunk roads to the North and North East but next to nothing has happened and the results speak for themselves.” 


Notes to editors 

The spreadsheet can be found here

The data was released by the Transport Minister to the Scottish Liberal Democrats through parliamentary questions S5W- 11022, S5W-01122 and S5W-01123.           

The next upgrade of the A90, isn’t due until 2021, despite a serious or fatal accident happening on average every 10 days, with 147 such accidents since 2013. The A9 and A82 averaged a serious or fatal accident every 16 days and the A96 saw a serious or fatal accident every 18 days.

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