What your SNP candidate really thinks:

Today, the Scottish Daily Mail published extracts from my SNP opponent, Gillian Martin's blog.

What she had to say, was revealing:

Despite running to replace Alex Salmond as MSP for Aberdeenshire East, she branded him "a smug git"salmond.png

 She was also pretty scathing about the Royal Family, claiming that they were:


And that, Deeside was:


More worrying than that, after her students were asked to fill out a questionaire which asked if they were transgender, she claimed that:


And lastly, but most damningly, she claimed that she can't be trusted:


These comments are absolutely astounding.

For Ms Martin to describe the EU as a ‘tranny trove’ is outrageous. It is an offensive comment for which voters in Aberdeenshire East, particularly the LGBTi community, deserve an explanation.

Her comments on the Royal Family are self-serving comments and frankly, daft.

Although, I have to admit, it seems  that her comment about ‘blowing’ a ‘position of trust’ if she were given it could be quite accurate.

The people of Aberdeenshire East deserve an MSP who will represent their views responsibly and with respect for all sections of the community. The people of Aberdeenshire East deserve better than this.

If you agree - please join my campaign today and help me beat Ms Martin this May:

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