SNP criticised for prioritising independence over recovery

The Scottish Liberal Democrat candidate for the North East region and Aberdeenshire West constituency, Rosemary Bruce has today criticised the Scottish Government for diverting their attention to an independence referendum instead of focusing on the pandemic.

On Monday 22nd March, the Scottish Government published a draft bill on a proposed second independence referendum which sets out the SNP’s plans to hold a referendum early in the next Parliament. The document states that the timing of a vote will give power to MSPs to determine the timing of another referendum on independence, rerunning the same question as used in 2014 “Should Scotland be an independent country?".



Rosemary Bruce said:


“People are under huge pressure from the pandemic and after years of arguing about independence and Brexit, the last thing we need right now is another independence referendum.


“While families and businesses have been worried about their lives and livelihoods, the SNP have put civil servants and their resources up to the task of planning an independence referendum instead of planning for the recovery from the pandemic.


“We need a Pandemic Recovery Bill, not a Referendum Bill which distracts from our recovery.


“The Scottish Liberal Democrats will put the recovery first and use our strength and influence to build a fair, green recovery for everyone.”


Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Willie Rennie said:


"Holy moly, they've had people working on the referendum instead of dealing with the pandemic.


"Dozens of civil servants could have been planning to get cancer services running full speed but they've been ordered to do this instead. Or they could have been working on getting funds to business, better mental health services or support for schools.


“We are still in a pandemic. Thousands have lost their lives, thousands more have lost their job.


“Reasonable people will think that this is the wrong moment to be pushing a referendum.


"We should put recovery first and bin this bill."



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