SNP Government Leaving Local Communities Behind

The Scottish Government have been accused of leaving local communities behind in their 14 years in government, by a North East councillor.

The Scottish Liberal Democrat conference held on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th of March passed a motion calling on the Scottish Government to properly fund local authorities, accusing the SNP of chronically underfunding them in their 14 years in government.


Rosemary Bruce, an Aberdeenshire Councillor and the Scottish Liberal Democrats’ lead candidate for the North East of Scotland spoke in the debate, accusing the Scottish Government of failing to take “local communities and issues seriously.”


Rosemary Bruce said:


“As a councillor, I have seen first-hand the chronic under funding of Scotland's local authorities.


“The North East has been chronically starved of funding by the SNP Scottish Government for over a decade which has left local services underfunded and ill-prepared to deal with the dual crisis of the oil and gas downturn and now the pandemic.


“In addition to this, our businesses are still paying business rates on valuations based on high oil prices which the Scottish Government has not only failed to address but aggravated by pushing back the date of the next valuation. For some, this will be the last straw pushing their businesses over the edge.


“All of this adds up to one simple thing - the SNP Scottish government does not take our local communities and issues seriously.


“Local authorities, which are in the front line and are best equipped with their local focus to face down the pandemic and build recovery, have been systematically pillaged by the Scottish Government for their failed and deluded vanity projects.


“This has put core services under pressure and weakened them in their ability to deliver what only they can do effectively.


“We must focus on the recovery and put local communities and services at the heart of that recovery. The SNP cannot be trusted to do that.”



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