SNP's stance on international travel has put nationalist agenda ahead of Scotland's welfare

Mike Rumbles MSP has called on the Scottish Government to co-operate with the UK Government and sign up to its agreement with the European Union to introduce 'air corridors’, as part of the easing of lockdown. The North East MSP also called for Scottish ministers to publish the evidence which they claim supports stricter measures for Scotland, dividing it from the rest of the UK.  

Mr Rumbles identified the move by Scottish ministers to break from the UK/EU agreement as a 'nationalist stance' that would put jobs at risk and damage both the economy and the aviation industry.
In a series of questions to the minister, Mr Rumbles has called on the Scottish Government to publish the evidence to support it's stance on international travel, which remains a reserved matter for MPs at Westminster. 
Mike Rumbles said: "This nationalist agenda risks further damage to the UK aviation industry and the thousands of jobs dependent upon it here in Scotland.
"No evidence has been provided by the Scottish Government as to why these quarantine arrangements must stay in place in Scotland alone. If it exists, I want ministers to publish this evidence straight away.
"We do not even know if the measures that are in place are working because the Scottish Government has failed to provide that information. As each week goes by, this looks more and more like a Scottish Government going back to the same old squabbling and nationalist party politics."
Notes for Editors:
Written Parliamentary Questions lodged by Mike Rumbles Monday 29th June 2020: 
  • To ask the Scottish Government if it will publish the evidence it has taken into consideration when deciding to maintain quarantine arrangements for international travel, including potential 'air corridors'. 
  • To ask the Scottish Government since quarantine regulations came into force on June 8th, i) how many people arriving in Scotland have been quarantined, ii) how many have been contacted by Scottish health authorities and, iii) how many have been identified as bringing Covid 19 into Scotland.  
Government Initiated Question answered Monday 29th June 2020:
Index Heading: Constitution and External Affairs - Rona Mackay (Strathkelvin and Bearsden) (Scottish National Party): To ask the Scottish Government what the outcome was of its review into the border health measures that were introduced on 8 June 2020, and whether there will be any changes to the regulations. S5W-30299

Humza Yousaf: We have reviewed the border health measures closely over the last three weeks and have assessed that there remains a requirement for them to remain in place to reduce the risk of transmission and safeguard health.


Discussions around changes to the regulations, including any further exemptions, continue. We have welcomed a four nation public health approach since the outset of these regulations and were disappointed to learn of the UK Government’s proposed change to their exemptions list via the media on Friday evening. Decisions on the review of the health measures at the border for travellers to Scotland will be made by Scottish Ministers.

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