SNP spend 300 days timid and distracted

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP and business manager Mike Rumbles has today attacked the record of the SNP government as they reached their 300th day in power since last May's election.

Commenting Mr Rumbles said: 

“It’s been 300 days since the SNP were re-elected to form a minority government. We really have to ask the question, what have they achieved for the people of Scotland in that time? 

“Paralysed by their attempts to break up the UK, this inactive Government has let public services suffer. Since the election in May we have had more reports of our education system, once best in the world, slipping further. Our NHS is under increasing strain and the police service is still contending with a financial black hole. 

“It would be a fair assessment to say that despite a titanic year in politics the SNP’s record over the past 300 days has been timid and typical of a government that is distracted. 

“When asked every week what issues will be discussed at the next meeting of the Cabinet the First Minister replies, ‘Matters of importance to the people of Scotland.’ Does the Cabinet not think funding education and mental health services properly is important to the people of Scotland? Do they not think that making sure we have a strong economy is important? Their lack of significant action would suggest that they don’t.”


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