Three quarters of chronic pain sufferers in Grampian not seen within 18 week deadline

Only 26.6% of patients referred to cash strapped NHS Grampian for chronic pain received treatment within 18 weeks in the final quarter of 2019, according to figures published today by NHS Scotland’s Information Services Division.

Almost half of the patients waiting for treatment are still on the waiting list for a first appointment 18 weeks after being referred. 401 of 1053 patients across Scotland who are still waiting for treatment after more than 18 weeks fall under NHS Grampian.


North East Liberal Democrat MSP Mike Rumbles said: “Having people suffer in pain while they wait up to 10 months for their first appointment is not acceptable .


“Almost 40% of the patients waiting for chronic pain treatment in Scotland fall under NHS Grampian. Clearly our local health board is struggling to find the staff and resources it needs to deliver the same level of health care that other parts of Scotland receive.


“Ministers have been underfunding NHS Grampian for over a decade and local services in the North East continue to get a bad financial deal from the Scottish Government. I have repeatedly called on health ministers to look again at how our local health care is funded but it has fallen on deaf ears.




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